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The posture boots were designed to support the movement and balance of your horse. They have to be placed above the knees, the weight on the inside of the knees.

IMPORTANT:  The lower strap should be tightened firmly. The upper strap should not be tight. If it falls, the upper strap is too tight, and the lower strap is not tight enough.

Instructions:The first month; on the lunge line, on the walker, or hacking, without placing them, as often as possible, 30-40 minutes. After one month, you can start working riding and on the lunge line as often as possible. At the end of the two months, work with your boots as regularly as possible, in order to maintain muscle and balance.The goals to obtain are synchronisation and balance.The boots can irritate skin that has never had equipement on that area before. In that case, put cream/salve on the area and continue. The skin should become used to it after two or three times.The boots have the purpose of muscling and synchronising horses which physical condition able sport and training. They should therefore not be convalescent. 

Impromove declines all responsibility concerning injuries which could occure through inappropriate use of the posture boots.